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Clothing fabrics


Clothing fabrics, not only the interpretation of the st […]

Clothing fabrics, not only the interpretation of the style of clothing, more directly about the color of clothing, modeling performance. In the clothing world, the fabric is varied, how much do you know about the fabric? Let's take a look at the classic fabric!
1, hemp: is a plant fiber, known as the cool and noble fiber, it is good moisture absorption, put wet also fast, easy to produce electrostatic heat conduction, rapid cooling, wearing a cool, sweating is not close, more washable, Good heat resistance.
2, mulberry silk: natural animal protein fiber, smooth and soft, full of luster, there is a feeling of warm and cool in winter, when the friction has a unique "silk Ming" phenomenon, a very good extension, better heat resistance, Poor salt water erosion, not with chlorine bleach or detergent treatment.
3, viscose: wood, cotton linter, reed and other natural cellulose containing chemical materials from the material processing, also known as artificial cotton, with the basic properties of natural fibers, dyeing performance, good fastness, soft fabric, Than the major, drape good, good moisture absorption, wearing a cool, easy to produce static electricity, fluff and pilling.
4, acetate fiber: from the cellulose-containing natural materials from chemical processing, Ken is a silk style, wearing a light and comfortable, with good flexibility and elastic recovery performance, not washed, poor color fastness.
5, polyester: polyester fiber, with excellent flexibility and recovery, fabric crisp, no wrinkles, good shape, high strength, flexibility and good, durable and have excellent light resistance, but easy to produce static electricity And poor hygroscopicity.
6. Poplin: fine texture, thin, soft cloth, smooth, crisp, the surface texture clear particles full, shiny shiny, there is a good texture.
7. Spandex has excellent elasticity, also known as elastic fiber, also known as Lycra, good elasticity, feel smooth, hygroscopicity is small, good weather resistance and chemical resistance, machine washable, poor heat resistance.
8. Polypropylene: appearance like wool or cotton, waxy feel and luster, elasticity and recovery are generally not easy to wrinkle the proportion of small, light, clothing Shu comfortable, faster sweat to keep the skin comfortable, Are better durable, not high temperature.

9.grass linen:is the traditional China linen textiles, fabric color white, soft luster, wearing a sweat from the body, clear crisp cool.

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