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Common clothing material


(1) linen fabric: pure linen fabric made from hemp fibe […]

(1) linen fabric: pure linen fabric made from hemp fiber and linen or other fabric blended or interwoven, collectively referred to as linen fabric. The common characteristics of hemp fabric is hard and tough, rough and stiff, cool and comfortable, good moisture absorption, is an ideal summer clothing fabric, hemp fabric can be divided into two kinds of pure and blended spinning.
(2) cotton fabrics: fabrics made from cotton, yarn, or cotton blended with cotton type chemical fiber blended yarn. The utility model has the advantages of good air permeability, good moisture absorption and comfortable wearing, and is a practical and popular fabric. Can be divided into pure cotton products, cotton blending of two major categories.
(3) wool fabric: wool, rabbit hair, camel hair, wool type chemical fiber as the main raw material of the fabric, usually with wool for the living, it is the year of high-grade fabric, good elasticity, anti wrinkle, stiff, durable wear-resistant, strong warm, comfortable and beautiful, pure color etc. welcomed by consumers.e.
(4) silk fabrics: high grade textiles. Mainly refers to the mulberry silk, tussah silk, rayon, synthetic fiber filament as the main raw materials of textiles. It has a thin light, soft, smooth, elegant, gorgeous, comfortable.

(5) chemical fiber fabric: polyester fabric with its fastness, good elasticity, stiffness, abrasion resistant washing, easy storage and loved by the people. Purified fabrics are fabrics made from pure chemical fibers. Its properties are determined by the properties of the chemical fibres themselves. The chemical fiber can be processed into a certain length according to different needs, and woven into silk, Imitation cotton, imitation linen, elastic wool imitation, medium length wool like fabric and so on according to different process.
(6) other clothing materials
1、 knitted fabric: it is made up of one or several root yarns which are continuously twisted along the weft direction or the warp direction.
2、English: pelliccia, with a fur fur leather, generally used for decorative winter boots, shoes shoes or shoe.
3、 Leather: all kinds of tanned leather. The purpose is to prevent tanning skin deterioration, some small animals, reptiles, birds and fish skin in English is called (Skin) in Italy or some other countries often use "Pelle" and agree with words to express this kind of leather.
4、 new fabrics and special fabrics: Space cotton and so on.