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Cotton and linen cotton from how to wash


Jute cloth rough, hard handle, Mao Yuduo, not suitable […]

Jute cloth rough, hard handle, Mao Yuduo, not suitable for clothing materials. The fabric finishing method, successfully developed cotton and jute weaving cloth, jute with unique rough style, but the feeling is similar to linen, low prices than flax, called cotton. Dyed by various colors, it is rich in color. Because of its thick fabric and unique high moisture absorption and release properties of jute fiber, the fabric is especially suitable for labor protective clothing, can substitute for denim, but is much cheaper than denim.
Cotton, cloth will always appear together, in ancient times, cotton is the first choice of the mass society, culture is also a history of thousands of years to settle down, it is a kind of spirit, "return to civilian spirit", also is the interpretation of a collision with retro fashion. When you walk on the street, casual clothes passing by, will you find it refreshing?
The difference between cotton and linen
1, pure linen impression roughness than cotton roving appeared stronger, and the case of some line color deviation this is normal, because the process of flax production and the cotton cloth was relatively different, pure linen must be pure in some impurities. But those superior to wear cotton.
2, the real Mianma even thin but not the actual thickness is too thin, the thickness is relatively thin with chemical fiber. No matter what cotton is what color, but the surface are not reflective, because with linen pants are after washing water treatment so not too light. The basic surface of the chemical fiber is very reflective, because the chemical fiber can not be treated by washing water.