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Flax fabric identification:


(1) light transmission to see whether the thickness of […]

(1) light transmission to see whether the thickness of the latitude and longitude uniform. If the latitude and longitude line is too uniform, may be cotton fabric.
(2) Tighten the pattern to see the weaving density.
(3) high-quality primary colors linen brown, shiny, evenly absorbed. Hemp is not good, was treated as supple fiber linen, water absorption is not uniform, wet after the black.
(4) exquisite worsted linen, the less the surface plush the better.
(5) semi-linen the vertical and horizontal tension is different.
(6) pull a thread, if both ends of the bend and sub-* phenomenon, the line for the cotton thread. The linen lines that are torn off should be smooth at both ends, otherwise impure.
(7) If the caustic soda water applied to the canvas, then the flax will show brown, cotton was light yellow.