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How to clean velvet fabric?


Velvet, also known as zhuan Rong, cashmere cashmere sil […]

Velvet, also known as zhuan Rong, cashmere cashmere silk fabrics constitute the circle or down in the surface of the fabric. The velvet velvet fabric made of a color, a plain, there are flowers. Velvet fabric, light colored, firm, wearable, can be used to make clothing, or other decorations. Next, look at the price of the velvet fabric!
Velvet fabric products, high grade, small linear density, long length, good maturity of high quality cotton. Velvet fabric has special requirements for twist of terry yarn. When cotton is used, it needs less twist and less twist of cotton yarn. The terry yarn should be arranged with the same twist yarn arrangement, so that it can improve the quality and feel of velvet velvet.
In the production and processing of velvet fabric, a small amount of fuzz particles will remain on it, which is unavoidable. The first time when washing the most will be washed out, such as the suit is black, blue, deep color version seems to be more obvious, these are normal.
Velvet often friction should be avoided in the process of cleaning, especially the elbow and hip position, when cleaning fresh wave washed by hand as well, pressure wash hands, can not force rub, otherwise it will make the hair loss, wash after the win placed dry clothes on, do not stir condensate, non stretchable suspension, at the same time also note that the velvet fabric to avoid direct exposure to the sun.
When the velvet fabric is dried, make sure that the velvet is not pressed directly with the iron, because the iron is directly touching the velvet fabric, and the fluff will fall off. If necessary, do a good choice of steam block, the distance from 2-3 cm gently smoked, the best results.