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Jacquard fabric varieties


According to raw materials can be divided into two cate […]

According to raw materials can be divided into two categories:
1) to cotton (including chemical fiber) as the main raw material products: cotton jacquard fabrics, rayon fabric, jacquard fabric, single-sided pure ramie computer jacquard, double wire single computer Everbright jacquard fabric, jacquard fabric, elastic polyester cotton jacquard fabric, polyester / viscose jacquard fabric, jacquard fabric cut flowers nylon cotton, jacquard fabric, Terry computer jacquard fabrics, cotton silk jacquard fabrics, denim jacquard fabrics, polyester jacquard fabrics, cotton spandex jacquard fabrics, cotton combed cotton yarn dyed jacquard fabric, jacquard fabric, linen jacquard fabrics, jacquard fabrics, cotton yarn dyed jacquard fabric yarn dyed, jacquard fabrics, double computer jacquard, double color jacquard fabrics, silk woven jacquard fabric, chenille jacquard fabric, linen jacquard fabric, linen cotton mixed adhesive Woven fabrics, such as large amount of cloth, mainly for clothing, decorative items, bedding.
2) to filament-based raw materials: all kinds of jacquard silk, satin, Jin, silk, spinning, and brocade, brocade, including tapestry products such as silk jacquard fabric. Silk products can make fine patterns such as: silk portrait, silk scenery and jacquard flowers and birds on the surface of the dragon and phoenix, etc., used for clothing, bedding, decorative items.