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Linen pants are shrinking and nursing methods


Linen pants to wear very comfortable, breathable and so […]

Linen pants to wear very comfortable, breathable and soft, but linen pants will shrink, and now consumers like the beautiful appearance of environmentally friendly clothing, but also attaches great importance to the texture of the fabric, so here we discuss under the linen pants Will not shrink, through some small experiment to tell you linen pants will not shrink.
If it is pure linen fabric general shrinkage rate will be about ten percent, so wash time must pay attention to .When the water temperature is too high will shrink very seriously. In addition flax fastness is not very good, will drop a little color.
Linen viscose fiber woven fabric, the warp yarn is viscose, weft yarn is linen, so the fabric of the warp will not shrink, but will stretch. But the weft will shrink. If you find that your clothes are shrinking, the linen fabric you bought is weft-knit.
Linen fabric will not shrink, but if your linen fabric clothes to shrink words. Then the description is not all linen, cotton fabric may be inside. General genuine will not shrink, but do not rule out that some fabric shrinkage is not controlled, may also make clothing shrink.
For flax pants is shrinking this issue, we can better care and washing:
Linen fabric washing, you can not force rub, rub, lest, affect the appearance and life expectancy
First, try to use hand wash;
Second, when washing with a neutral detergent, such as;
Third, try not to dehydration, (due to dehydration is a big factor in shrinking);
Fourth, do not scrub hard.