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Silk fabric maintenance knowledge


Collection, on the cabinet, and should not be placed ca […]

Collection, on the cabinet, and should not be placed camphor or health ball, etc., should be washed, dried, stacked appropriate, and wrapped with cloth.
Light-colored clothing or silk fabrics should be washed separately from the dark;
When washing silk, it is best to use silk special detergent, to use light alkaline detergent or acid detergent;
Sweat wet silk clothing should not be washed with hot water above 30 degrees, should be immediately washed or soaked with water;
Should be 80% dry iron, the temperature control between 100-180 degrees, and should not be directly sprayed water, and to wear the wrong side of clothing;
Avoid hard screwing or brushing with a hard brush, it is best to use hand wash, should be gently rubbed with water after pouring net, gently squeeze out the water by hand or towel, dry in the shade;