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The first half of this year, China's textile industry growth rate is flat


Beijing, August 12 (Reporter Yan Xiaohong) the first 6 […]

Beijing, August 12 (Reporter Yan Xiaohong) the first 6 months of this year, China's textile industry above the size of the main business income increased by nearly 5%, the total profit growth of 6.3%, the growth rate tends to flat.

Reporters on the 12th from the China Textile Industry Federation was informed that the first 6 months, the Chinese textile industry both inside and outside the market growth momentum was inadequate, the Chinese textile enterprises operating pressure still exist. But at the same time, the entire industry to speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading of the lead, its production and sales and efficiency and other major economic indicators have achieved growth.

According to the analysis, the current growth rate of China's textile industry is flattened, which is the direct result of the unfavorable factors such as the sluggish market demand at home and abroad, the intensification of competition in the industry, the increase of resources and environment constraints, and the rising cost of production factors. But the deeper reason is that China's textile industry Supply-side, structural, and institutional problems that were formed and accumulated during high growth. At present, China's textile industry is actively cracking these development problems, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, while deepening management innovation.

Industry experts said that although the external environment is difficult to fundamentally improve the external environment in the doldrums, but the foreign macroeconomic fundamentals and no significant deterioration of the situation, especially with the supply side of the structural reform to promote the Chinese economy is expected to maintain a reasonable range of growth , The trend of domestic demand growth will not change, which will give the development of China's textile industry to provide strong support. At the same time, China's textile industry, the effect of transformation and upgrading will gradually appear. In summary, the main business income of textile enterprises above designated size in China will grow by about 5% in 2016 compared with the same period of last year. The gross profit will increase by about 5% year on year, and the textile industry will maintain stable growth in 2016.