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The process of velvet fabric


Weaving process is roughly divided into cashmere, jacqu […]

Weaving process is roughly divided into cashmere, jacquard, cut three parts.
Use cashmere looms. Loom is also divided into delivery car, jacquard, weaving car three parts. Weaving at least two people, one person velvet, one person to board about 2 meters high jacquard jacquard, weaving 1 meter. The production process is very complicated and meticulous: first with a group of round steel wire or groove with a flat metal rod made of pallets, and then through the ground and by 2: 1, latitude and weaving rod weaving ratio of 4: 1 or 3: 1, that is, in each weave 4 latitude or 3 latitude into a pile after the rod. Each weave a pile of pork, all velvet or single, double number of cashmere mention to form a loose ring. Fabric each woven about 10 meters, then removed from the loom on the platen out of the punt rod, then the formation of towering ring ring-shaped ring. Flower velvet is the whole fabric will be woven from the loom removed on the platen, with white powder first printed on the surface of the fabric, drawing pattern pattern, and then with a hard steel knife will have the pattern of the ring " Scraper "(called carved), the formation of fine clusters of plush pattern, and then out of the punt rod, the scraping part still remain ring-shaped, constitute a uniform close to the ring pattern. Villi, loins set off each other, constitute the flowers of the velvet flowers.
Today, velvet is more and more people like, the use of more and more widely. Some furniture products are velvet fabrics, such as pillows, mattresses, bed sheets, etc., but the price will be more expensive.