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Velvet Fabric Frequently Asked Questions


 Q: how to maintain velvet fabric? A: 1, wear to minimi […]

 Q: how to maintain velvet fabric?
1, wear to minimize friction, pull, often wash;
2, wash, dry, ironing, should be stacked flat;
3, velvet moisture is very strong, the collection should be to prevent high temperature, high humidity and dirty environment caused by moldy phenomenon;
4, velvet fabric production of clothing suitable for washing, not suitable for dry cleaning;
5, the ironing temperature can be controlled at 120-140 ℃;
6, ironing requirements in the temperature ironing, ironing with less push and pull, so that the natural stretch of clothing alignment
Q: velvet fabric pilling it?
A: velvet fabric will play the ball. Because the velvet is made of cashmere in the fabric surface of the pile or fluffy silk fabric.
Q: How to identify velvet good or bad

A: First, to be optimistic about the color, style and whether bulging.
Second, to touch. With a high velvet, giving a soft feeling of touch, and both small and small hair. Hairy more, touch the hard, then the poor quality.
Three, to pinch. Down shrinkage is very large, the higher the higher the shrinkage of cash.
Q: Velvet fabric curtain fabric is good?
A: Yes, the fabric is relatively soft, feel good, drape good, shading and sound-absorbing, cinema video hall are using this.