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Velvet fabric how to maintain


Also called velvet Zhangrong, originated in Fujian prov […]

Also called velvet Zhangrong, originated in Fujian province China Zhangzhou, is to pile warp on the surface of the fabric of cashmere ring or villi. The Ming Dynasty has been produced in large quantities, and is one of the traditional fabrics in china.
There are two kinds of flowers, velvet and plain velvet. Velvet flowers are part of the velvet ring by pattern cut into villi, cashmere and velvet circle with each other, forming patterns, the surface of cashmere velvet is all round. Velvet velvet or velvet ring closely stands, with luster, wear resistance, fastness and other characteristics, can be used for clothing, bedding and other fabrics.
1, velvet to minimize friction, when used to keep pulling, wash frequently.
2, velvet fabric suitable for washing, not suitable for dry cleaning.
3, velvet fabric in ironing requirements of moderate temperature ironing, ironing should use less push and pull, so that clothing natural extension right.
4, velvet fabric moisture absorption is very strong, so when collecting should prevent high temperature, high humidity and unclean environment, should be stacked, flat, put in a clean and tidy environment, to mildew change.
Many consumers believe that the use of Swan velvet hair is made of plush, not using Swan hair, such as plush velvet and other man-made, is processed and plush. However, the making process and making methods of velvet are different from those of other plush.