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What are the advantages of linen cotton cloth?


Linen cotton fabric is more and more consumers like, no […]

Linen cotton fabric is more and more consumers like, nothing more than because of its several major advantages. Do not say it's a little bit of authenticity, but many consumers have been convinced, and deeply fell in love with linen fabric. What are the advantages of linen cotton fabric, together to find out about it.
1, cool.
Flax heat performance is 5 times the wool, silk 19 times, in hot weather conditions, wearing linen clothing can make people skin surface temperature than wearing silk and cotton fabric clothing 3-4 degrees Celsius.
2, dry.
Linen can absorb the equivalent of 20% of the weight of water, while the rapid release of the absorbed moisture, and more sweat can keep dry.
3, reduce perspiration.
Help to maintain human body electrolyte balance. Studies have shown that linen clothing can make the body sweat than wearing cotton clothing to reduce 1.5 times.
4, radiation protection.
Wearing a linen texture of pants can greatly reduce the impact of radiation, such as radiation caused by the decline in the number of male sperm.
5, anti-static.
Blended fabric contains only 10% of the linen is enough to play the role of anti-static. Can effectively reduce the static environment generated by people restless, headache, chest tightness, difficulty breathing.
6, inhibition of bacteria.
Flax has a good effect of inhibiting bacteria and fungi, can effectively prevent some diseases. According to Japanese researchers have shown that linen sheets can have to prevent long bedridden patients breed bedsore, linen clothing helps to control certain skin, such as ordinary rash and chronic eczema.
7, anti-allergy.
For skin allergies, linen dress is undoubtedly a gospel, because linen fabric not only does not cause allergic reactions, but help to treat some allergic diseases, flax can reduce inflammation, prevent fever.