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What is velvet


A lot of people hear the velvet fabric will naturally t […]

A lot of people hear the velvet fabric will naturally think it is really velvet weaving, in fact, not, velvet name just because it's feel and texture like velvet hair as smooth, shiny. In fact, different velvet fabrics according to their different uses, the use of raw materials are not the same. There are silk, rayon, polyester, nylon and so on. But the most used or cocoon of a raw silk, the use of silk for the cotton yarn for the weft, silk or rayon into the ring. Warp and weft are first degumming or semi-degumming, dyeing, add twist after weaving.

Origin and development of velvet:
In fact, as early as the Ming Dynasty China velvet has been mass production, producing area in Fujian province China Zhangzhou, also known as Zhangrong, is one of the China traditional fabrics. Velvet can be divided into two kinds according to the process: velvet and velvet. The surface of the plain velvet is all made of velvet, while the velvet of the flower is cut into part of the velvet pattern according to the pattern, which is made up of the villi and the velvet circles. According to the pattern can be divided into "bright flowers" and "shadow" two kinds of patterns, mostly for dragons, phoenixes, flowers and birds, and Dr. Chen Shou Bo Gu style, fabric commonly used to concavity, colors are black, purple, yellow, blue, brown and apricot.
Velvet daily maintenance:
1: wear or use as much as possible to reduce friction and pull, dirty after the regular wash, keep the fabric clean.
2: save time, you should first wash, dry, ironing, and finally stacked neatly.
3: velvet moisture absorption is very strong, in the collection should try to prevent high temperature, high humidity or dirty environment caused by moldy phenomenon.
4: velvet fabric made of clothing suitable for washing, not suitable for dry cleaning.
5: ironing time can be controlled in the temperature range of 120 to 140 degrees.
6: ironing requirements in the ironing, ironing in the way, to less use of push and pull, so that clothing is naturally stretched.
Velvet fabric itself is wear-resistant, not easy to fade the characteristics, so long as more attention in daily life care, its life is very long.